Assistant Professor in Biophysical Chemistry
IMM Radboud University Nijmegen

With a background in biophysics and biochemistry, I have a long-standing interest in gene expression kinetics and circuit design in diverse systems, ranging from bacteria and viruses to mammalian cells. Before coming to the Netherlands, I worked in the bay area science "bubble" in sunny California, where I developed a passion for hiking and photography. 

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MOL-165 Biochemistry II

Óscar García Blay, MSc

PhD student

I studied genetics and biomedical research in Barcelona. I am interested in a variety of topics related to how the genome works to regulate and control biological processes. As a PhD candidate in the Hansen Lab, I combine my interest in gene expression research with the perspective of systems biology. My goal is to identify mechanisms that regulate gene expression noise in a biological context. Outside the lab, I enjoy cooking, listening and sharing music and also travelling. I am always looking for nice activities to do such as escape room games.  

Carmen Grandi, MSc

PhD student

I studied biotechnologies and molecular biology at the University of Ferrara, in Italy. I am fascinated by the functional complexity of organisms and, through this journey as a PhD student in the Hansen Lab, I aim to study how stochastic events can impact molecular processes that regulate gene expression, leading to different phenotypes. Doing science also needs creativity: this is why I've always been interested in many forms of art. My biggest passion is singing and creating music. I also enjoy a lot drawing when I need to relax and think.

Annet Saris, MSc

Research Associate

I studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Here, I developed a strong interest in organic chemistry with a focus on chemical biology. During my study, I followed an internship at the University of California in San Francisco where I was interested in gene expression and how biological processes are regulated. As a combined researcher in the Hansen Lab and Velema Lab, I will combine my interests in organic chemistry and gene expression. Besides working in the lab, I love to play hockey, spend some time with friends and travel to beautiful places. 

Cong-Quan Ta

Bachelor Student


Benjamin Martin

Master Student

(Guest researcher)

Lise Wubbolts

Master Student

(Chemistry of Life)

Former lab members:

Bart Swinkels - Bachelor student Molecular Life Sciences

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