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Group Leader

Biophysical Chemistry

With a background in biophysics and biochemistry, I have a long-standing interest in gene expression regulation in diverse systems, ranging from bacteria and viruses to mammalian cells. After I obtained my master's from Warwick University (UK), I moved to the Netherlands where I received my PhD in 2015. I then worked in the lab of Leor Weinberger at Gladstone Institutes (UCSF) in San Francisco, where I studied gene expression dynamics in viruses, specifically HIV. Now I am interested in understanding how fluctuations at the (macro)molecular level can impact cellular behaviour. In my free time I like to take long walks with my dog, cook and read fantasy books.

If you are interested in joining our team, see the openings section.

Research grants and prizes:

2023: NWO Vidi

2022: ERC Starting Grant, ZonMw Off Road, NWO XS

2021: Descartes-Huygens Prize, NWO XS

2020: NWO XS

2016: NWO Rubicon


MOL-165 Biochemistry II

MOL-128 Essentials of Biochemistry Lab

MOL-129 Biochemistry Lab 


Frank Nelissen, Ing.
Research Staff

I have a background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and am also interested in Biotechnological applications. I studied at the HAN University of Applied Sciences and graduated in 2002. Since then, I am working at the department of Biophysical Chemistry and specialized in enzymatic nucleic acid synthesis, labeling, manipulation and purification methods, but cloning, PCR, protein expression & purification, blotting, (next generation) sequencing, cell culture and other associated techniques are also common practice. Furthermore, I feel the responsibility to keep our labs running safely and in an organized manner and am therefore involved in First Aid, Biosafety, PAM (working circumstances) and BHV (Emergency Respons). Lastly, I enjoy being involved in the Biochemistry and DNA technology practical courses for 1st and 2nd year students. In my free time, besides spending time with my family & friends and doing jobs around the house, I am a fanatic squash and padel player and in dry weather conditions I like long distance inline skating. I am also a big music fan and like to attend concerts.


Aafke Jonker, Ing.
Research Staff

I have a background in Biochemistry and graduated in 1987. Since then I am working at the department of Biophysical Chemistry.

I spend a considerable part of my time supporting the department: Inventory management, advice and instructions to PhD students and master/bachelor students of our own group as well from other groups and ordering chemicals and consumables. I also am involved in the Biochemistry and DNA-technology practical for 1st and 2nd year students.

In my spare time I play tennis and enjoy walks and bike rides.

Regular working hours : Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


Óscar García Blay, MSc
PhD student

I studied genetics and biomedical research in Barcelona. I am interested in a variety of topics related to how the genome works to regulate and control biological processes. As a PhD candidate in the Hansen Lab, I combine my interest in gene expression research with the perspective of systems biology. My goal is to identify mechanisms that regulate gene expression noise in a biological context. Outside the lab, I enjoy cooking, listening and sharing music and also travelling. I am always looking for nice activities to do such as escape room games.  

Foto Csrmen Grandi.jpg

Carmen Grandi, MSc

PhD student

I studied biotechnologies and molecular biology at the University of Ferrara, in Italy. I am fascinated by the functional complexity of organisms and, through this journey as a PhD student in the Hansen Lab, I aim to study how stochastic events can impact molecular processes that regulate gene expression, leading to different phenotypes. Doing science also needs creativity: this is why I've always been interested in many forms of art. My biggest passion is singing and creating music. I also enjoy a lot drawing when I need to relax and think.

Xinyu Hu, PhD

During my PhD, I have been working on understanding stem cell fate decisions under mechanical forces. To this end, we developed a novel image-based technique to profile RNAs and proteins simultaneously at a single cell level, called ARTseq-FISH. In the Hansen lab, I focus on unravelling the mechanisms that regulate transcriptional activities and further influence the lineage choices of mouse embryonic stem cells. In my free time, I enjoy trying new recipes and taking photos.

Martin Emmaneel, MSc
PhD student

I did my BSc Life Science and Technology at Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. Afterwards I continued with MSc Chemistry of Life at Radboud University. As a PhD candidate in the Hansen Lab, I focus on the effect of post-transcriptional modifications on gene expression and eventually how it regulates differentiation choices of mouse embryonic stem cells. Outside of the lab I like to take care for my ever-growing collection of house plants. 

Meilin Lu.jpg

Meilin Yu, MSc
PhD student

In the past, I studied clinical science of stomatology at Fudan University (CHN), where I focused on the construction of polymer materials for alveolar bone regeneration. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in the Hansen Lab to write an entirely fresh and exciting chapter in my life. My goal Is to identify small-molecules that regulate transcriptional noise, aiming to block cancer drug resistance. Beyond the lab, I enjoy music, movies, and exploration of culinary delights.


Pieter Verhagen, MSc
PhD student

I studied Science and Chemistry of Life at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. It was during this time that I developed a passion for multidisciplinary research, spanning the realms of biology, chemistry and physics. My internships at both the Hansen lab and the Lenstra group at the NKI made me realize that I can combine these fields when studying gene expression noise. As a PhD student in the Hansen lab, I will focus on understanding how nuclear speckles contribute to this noise. Beyond the lab, I practice various sports, enjoy hiking trips and love to draw!  

CV photo cropped.jpg

Sue van de Griendt, MSc
PhD student

During my bachelor I studied Molecular Life Sciences at the Wageningen University. After, I continued with the research master Oncology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I am fascinated by the extreme cellular and molecular differences of cancerous cells which allow them to survive many circumstances. In the Hansen lab I will study pathways regarding gene expression noise in relation to drug tolerance in cancer cells. In my leisure time, I like cooking, drawing and playing board games.

Sjoerd Uijttewaal.jpg

Sjoerd Uijttewaal

Master Student

Medical Biology

Merijn Koot.png

Merijn Koot

Master Student

Chemistry of Life

Gwendoly Koenhein

Master Student

Human Biology

Lynn Schepens.jpeg

Lynn Schepens

Master Student

Medical Biology

Kavita Lips

Master Student

Human Biology

Joey van den Broek.jpg

Joey van den Broek

Master Student

Chemistry of Life

Former lab members:

Bibian Verstegen - Master Student, Medical Biology (2023)

Zumaya Abdi - Master StudentHuman Biology (2022-2023)

Omnia Elzokla - Master StudentMedical Biology (2022-2023)

Martin Emmaneel Master Student, Molecular Life Sciences (2022)

Pieter Verhagen - Master Student, Chemistry of Life (2021-2022)

Christin Wassermann - Erasmus Master Student, Medical-Biological Chemistry (2022)

Yoanna Petrova - Intern, University of Applied Sciences (2021-2022)

Fréderique Struijs - Master Student, Medical Biology (2021-2022)

Fathi Ibrahim - Intern, University of Applied Sciences (2021-2022)

Laura Roosenboom - Master Student, Medical Epigenomics (2021-2022)

Lise Wubbolts - Master student, Chemistry of Life (2020-2021)

Benjamin Martin - Master Student, Université Paris  (2020-2021)

Louise van Hoof - Bachelor student, Molecular Life Sciences (2021)

Fulvio Farina - Bachelor student, Chemistry (2021)

Femke Michels - Bachelor student, Molecular Life Sciences (2021)

Pieter Verhagen - Bachelor student, Molecular Life Sciences (2021)

Ruben Kuijl - Intern, University of Applied Sciences (2020-2021)

Cong-Quan Ta - Intern, University of Applied Sciences (2020-2021)

Bart Swinkels - Bachelor student, Molecular Life Sciences (2020)

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