Assistant Professor in Biophysical Chemistry
IMM Radboud University Nijmegen

With a background in biophysics and biochemistry, I have a long-standing interest in gene expression kinetics and circuit design in diverse systems, ranging from bacteria and viruses to mammalian cells. Before coming to the Netherlands, I worked in the bay area science "bubble" in sunny California, where I developed a passion for hiking and photography. 

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MOL-165 Biochemistry II

MOL-128 Essentials of Biochemistry Lab

MOL-129 Biochemistry Lab 

Óscar García Blay, MSc

PhD student

I studied genetics and biomedical research in Barcelona. I am interested in a variety of topics related to how the genome works to regulate and control biological processes. As a PhD candidate in the Hansen Lab, I combine my interest in gene expression research with the perspective of systems biology. My goal is to identify mechanisms that regulate gene expression noise in a biological context. Outside the lab, I enjoy cooking, listening and sharing music and also travelling. I am always looking for nice activities to do such as escape room games.  

Carmen Grandi, MSc

PhD student

I studied biotechnologies and molecular biology at the University of Ferrara, in Italy. I am fascinated by the functional complexity of organisms and, through this journey as a PhD student in the Hansen Lab, I aim to study how stochastic events can impact molecular processes that regulate gene expression, leading to different phenotypes. Doing science also needs creativity: this is why I've always been interested in many forms of art. My biggest passion is singing and creating music. I also enjoy a lot drawing when I need to relax and think.

Annet Saris, MSc

Research Associate

I studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Here, I developed a strong interest in organic chemistry with a focus on chemical biology. During my study, I followed an internship at the University of California in San Francisco where I was interested in gene expression and how biological processes are regulated. As a combined researcher in the Hansen Lab and Velema Lab, I will combine my interests in organic chemistry and gene expression. Besides working in the lab, I love to play hockey, spend some time with friends and travel to beautiful places. 

Benjamin Martin

Master Student

(Guest researcher)

Lise Wubbolts

Master Student

(Chemistry of Life)

Louise van Hoof

Bachelor Student

(Molecular Life Sciences)

Fulvio Farina

Bachelor Student


Femke Michels

Bachelor Student

(Molecular Life Sciences)

Pieter Verhagen

Bachelor Student


Former lab members:

Ruben Kuijl - Intern, University of Applied Sciences (2020-2021)

Cong-Quan Ta - Intern, University of Applied Sciences (2020-2021)

Bart Swinkels - Bachelor student, Molecular Life Sciences (2020)